Clarifying Your Purpose
By Terry Angles | 4/29/2020

“For to me to live is ______.”  If you were asked to fill in this blank, what would you say?  Is it “Money,” “Success,” “Sports,” “Friends,” “Work,” “Pleasure,” “Power,” or maybe some Person?  However you fill in the blank is what will dictate your purpose and your ultimate happiness. 


One of the most famous verses in all the Bible answers this question, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:21 ESV).  The great Apostle Paul wrote this verse and was torn between going to heaven and telling people how to get to heaven.  His purpose did not come from self-gratification, but from self-sacrifice.  He wrote this verse from prison, but his circumstances did not matter to him.  Living for Jesus Christ was his sole purpose whether in this life or his life in heaven.


The issue in gaining happiness isn’t what you are doing, but it’s what is first place in your life.  Serving Jesus Christ and others will give you a purpose for life.  What is the most important thing or person in your life?  What are you living for?  Everything and everybody will let you down in some way because they are all temporary.  Living for Jesus in this world and experiencing the glories of heaven will last for eternity.  Evaluate your life and make the right choice!

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