The Important vs. The Urgent
By Terry Angles | 5/20/2020


Life is full of urgencies that pressure us into doing things that take away from what is important in life.  There are urgent tasks we must do every day---a phone call that needs to be answered, an email or text that needs to be returned, a sick friend that needs a visit or help, a deadline that must be met, money that must be made, or putting out a fire between two people at work.  It’s part of life to handle the responsibilities of life.

Too often we act on these urgencies and never get to what's important.  Most of the time we don’t set aside time to do what we know we should.  We need clear direction to go after what is important in life.  The important are based on goals that don’t demand immediate attention.

The Apostle Paul wrote a book in the Bible called Ephesians.  In chapter five beginning with verse eighteen going through chapter six verse ten there are five important areas of life that we must develop.  They aren’t pressures (urgent), but they are important.  Last week we covered the first one which is to spend with God developing our spiritual desires.  In chapter five verses 21-31 he covers the second most important priority…your marriage relationship.  

“And further, you will submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” (Eph. 5:21). In a marriage there must be mutual submission.  The husband is to lead his wife by sacrificial love and the wife is to show him respect by submitting or cooperating with him.  Eph. 5:21-31 gives the specific details to accomplishing this.  When the husband is sacrificial in his love, the wife will find submission part of her protection in life.

A successful marriage is built by spending time with each other.  Time allows you to communicate and understand what is important.  When you were dating you found time, but after marriage you get into a routine and forget that time is important.  Do projects together and talk during them.  Go out for coffee or a cheap meal like breakfast.  Hold hands, embrace each other, don’t forget to kiss and tell each other how much you love them.  The joy of intimacy will be a by-product of this kind of love!

Life is full of urgencies that squeeze out this important priority.  Simple things like cleaning the house, watching too much TV, gaming, talking on the phone can take away from spending time with each other.  Why not plan a simple date like coffee together this weekend? Have fun and enjoy your spouse!

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